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Hack to Picking the Best Campsite

Having a comfortable sleep system and shelter is not a guarantee of quality sleep during camping. If you pick rocky or wet ground you might ruin your chances of having a good nights sleep, a factor that might ruin your camping experience. An exceptional campsite is one of the key ingredients to a night of good night sleep, that’s why it is necessary to be selective and deliberate about your camping location.

Use the following guidelines to help you in sitting at a location that will get you quality sleep as you explore outdoors.

Locating a General location

You are expected to spend over half of your day thinking and considering where you will set camp to welcome the night. While on it these factors should guide:

Should be Flat, by being flat this increases your odds of finding a campsite that is well levelled

The campsite should be close to amenities such as water and firewood

Should not be at the bottom of a canyon or valley, at the bottom the air can at its coldest and slightly humid

Should be off-trail, to avoid intruding on other campers

Should be far from any animal trail or any prime animal habitat, to avoid unwanted attacks and intrusion

Should not be close to any danger zone such as natural hazards such as avalanches and flash floods.

The campsite should not be close to any insect breeding grounds such as stagnant lakes and waterlogged meadows.

As you are planning on your next camping trip start putting these camping tips to good use.